1) Create an account
You need an account on this web site to access the cross country online registration system. You can create an account here. You choose your own user name and password. Passwords must be at least 7 characters long and contain at least one non-alphanumeric character. Alphanumeric characters are (a-z, A-Z and 0-9).

If you forgot your user name and/or password you can have it emailed to you by clicking the I forgot my password link.

2) Create your organization
Once you have created your user account you will need to create your organization. The online registration system will force you to create an organization before allowing you to continue if you have not already done so. You can create or modify your organization by selecting the Organization Info menu on the left of the screen.

NOTE: You can obtain hints on the information to enter in each field by hovering the cursor over the help icon (question mark) to the right of each field.

Only one person needs to create an organization for both mens and womens teams. If multiple users need access to your organization (i.e. separate men's and women's coaches) simply email or call Eclipse Timing providing the user name(s) and the name of your organization. We will grant them access to your organization. In the future you will be able to invite other users to your organization.

Organizations are carried over from year to year. If you have used the system in years past you do not need to re-create your organization.

3) Add your athletes to your organization's roster
Your athlete roster is the list of athletes within your organization. Adding athletes is quick and easy through the Athletes menu on the left of the screen. You can enter your athletes through the online registration system or import your athlete roster from a CSV file.

If you need to remove an athlete from your roster, edit the athlete then click the "Delete This Athlete" button at the bottom of the athlete page.

Athlete rosters are carried over from year to year. At the start of each academic year the online registration system will advance the year in school for all athletes and delete last seaon's seniors. Returning athletes will not need to be added to your roster.

4) Register athletes for a competition
A list of meets is available from the Home menu on the left of the screen. Select the meet you wish to submit entries for by clicking the meet name. A list of athletes within your organization will be shown.

Select the gender from the Gender dropdown box. Select the race from the Race dropdown box. Check the checkbox next to the athletes you wish to enter into the meet for the selected race. Click the Save button. Change the gender and/or race and repeat. It's that easy!

If you need to remove an athlete from a race, simply clear the checkbox next to their name and save your entries. Use the same process to change the race an athlete is entered in. Remove them from one race and enter them in a different one.

For some meets you may not be required to designate which race an athlete participates in. In such cases you'll only see one race per gender. You will declare your athletes by simply having them participate in the race you want them to compete in. You must abide by the participation guidelines of the meet host -- we will be checking.

If meet entry is closed you can still view the entries you submitted, however, you cannot modify your entry submittal -- entries are closed.

5) Email your entries to yourself
A list of meets is available from the Home menu on the left of the screen. Select the Confirm link of the meet you wish to have entries emailed to you. The Email Confirmation screen will appear.

Select the gender from the Gender radio boxes then click the Send button. You will receive an email with the entries you submitted for the meet.